Analyzing the social dynamics of the 2020 New York and Milan Fashion Weeks.

Which International communities are engaging with FW?

Quantity of tweets in the specificlanguage Sat 01 Mon 03 Wed 05 Fri 07 Sun 09 Tue 11 Thu 13 Sat 15 Mon 17 Wed 19 Fri 21 Sun 23 Tue 25 Thu 27 Sat 29 NY Fashion Week MI Fashion Week Most used language Less used language french portuguese italian korean thai japanese spanish

As Fashion Week is an increasingly global event, it is important for Brands to understand their global audience. We measure this through the languages and locations of FW tweets.

Main Findings

We find that there is an unexpectedly large reach to the Asian community, particularly Thailand and Korea; the consistently high engagement throughout the week demonstrates that this is a core audience of FW as a whole.

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