Analyzing the social dynamics of the 2020 New York and Milan Fashion Weeks.

What are the most successful brands in both Fashion Weeks?

We collected all the tweets generated during the fashion weeks, by following hashtags such as fashionweek, fw, mfw, nyfw etc., gathering over one million tweets by more than 100 thousand distinct users. Our first objective has been to identify the most successful brands, by considering the number of mentions received. The more mentions a brand receives, the more successful it is considered to be. This helped us in having a better view over the event itself, and more importantly it gave us a starting point for some of the following steps of our analysis.

Main Findings

As it can be seen in the barcharts, in both MFW and NYFW we have some brands receiving far more mentions than the others. In particular, in Milan, Prada has been mentioned 10 times more than the second most successful brand, reason why we decided to analyze it more in depth.

example of secondary visualization

In NYFW, instead, the most successful brands resulted being Coach, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, which we analyzed in order to try to identify some similarities in the factors that have driven this engagement.

example of secondary visualization


example of protocol